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We Make beautiful shower cubicles, shower doors, and wall mirrors from scratch and we’ve been in the industry for so long now.

We have worked with so many clients now and with our professionalism we always make sure that each and every client is satisfied.

Don’t you ever get worried when you’re working with us because we have enough experience to handle any project.

We’ve done many projects bigger and small and we know how to handle projects and deliver within an agreed time frame.

Customer satisfaction is our main aim because we want to build strong relationships with our clients in order to get more references from our clients.

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Shower Doors

Our shower doors are made up of aluminum and glass, we use pure aluminum and 6.38 mm shatterproof glass which is the one that is recommended for shower cubicles.

We don’t believe in shortcuts when doing our work, we always make sure that we are giving our client the right product.

This is what makes us unique from others in the market because we consider quality as well as the best customer experience.

We can make both sliding shower doors as well as hinged shower doors and they are all made up of pure aluminum and shatterproof glass.

Above all, shower door colors can be customized to suit your needs or to match your bathroom colors.

So this is up to you to choose from any of the below colors:

  • Silver
  • Brown
  • White
  • Charcoal

This is a list of colors that we have so far and you can pick your desired color and we will bring a new look to your bathroom.

Shower Cubicles

Unlike shower doors, shower cubicles consist of two or more sides however shower doors only have one side.

We can design different styles of shower cubicles and the colors also can be customized just as the shower doors.

We always use genuine materials on all our products and they are all durable and stylish.

We also make both sliding shower cubicles as well as hinged or swinging shower cubicles.

Also if you already have your own cubicle that you might have purchased somewhere we can fix it for you.

Just get in touch with us and we will make it for you, we always do what you want.

Wall Mirrors

We also make beautiful wall mirrors and they are of two different types the other one is framed and the other one is not framed you can see the pictures below.

The sizes are customizable we can make wall mirrors of any size from bathroom size to full-length mirrors.

We don’t take much time to deliver wall mirrors projects, however, it depends on the size of the project. Small projects usually take a day.

Our wall mirrors are of different sizes in terms of thickness, there is a 3 mm which is this smaller one, 4 mm medium, and 5 mm the thicker one.

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