You need a Beautiful shower cubicle and we’re just the team to make it.

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Shower cubicles

Shower Cubicles Zimbabwe

Welcome, this is Shower Cubicles Zimbabwe’s official website and you are welcome to ask any questions concerning our business. We are the best when it comes to making beautiful and stylish shower cubicles and shower doors.

Our shower cubicles are of different types in terms of condition as well as frame and glass colors. The best about our shower products is that they are strong and at the same time they are modern, we make them from scratch. 

We Make Beautiful Products

Shower Cubicles

Our shower cubicles are made up of pure aluminium and shatterproof or tempered glass, this makes them the best.

Wall Mirrors

We make framed and unframed wall mirrors of different sizes, they are all great but they are just different in design.

Shower Doors

Unlike shower cubicles, shower doors don’t have 2 or more sides, they only have one way and walls on 3 sides.

Shower cubicles Zimbabwe time

Experienced Team

We deliver projects in time, for small projects (1 -4 shower cubicles) we usually take a maximum of 2-3 working days, and for medium projects (5-10 shower cubicles) we can take up to 7 days. The more the number of cubicles the more the number of days it will take. We make these cubicles by ourselves, we don’t import. View Our latest Projects.

Shower cubicles Zimbabwe


We have been in the business for quite a long time and we are able to work on any project size and deliver within an agreed timeframe. When you are working with us you don’t have to worry anymore because we know what we do.

Have a project you would like to talk about?

Just get in touch with us to get the exact shower cubicle or shower door you want, we are always ready to make beautiful custom shower products for you.

We are also available to answer all your questions concerning our business, so feel free to ask any question and we are also available on WhatsApp.

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You can view our latest projects using the projects or work section or you can also use this link to see our newest projects.

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